Top 25 Property/Casualty Insurers in U.S.

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Here is a listing of the highest 25 property / casualty insurance groups inside the United States. The insurers are ranked depending on direct premiums written in 2015. This term means all policy premiums collected by each insurer throughout the calendar year. It doesn‘t include any adjustment for premiums on risks the insurer ceded (transferred ) to reinsurance companies. The insurer rankings and premium information inside the list below were provided from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC ). The NAIC publishes a listing of the biggest 25 P&C insurers every year. Besides rank and premium information, the NAIC's list also includes data on insurers' loss ratios and market share.


An insurance group is really a collection of insurance companies which have common ownership. A gaggle of insurers typically includes a parent company and many subsidiaries. Insurance subsidiaries tend to be called Many insurers utilize subsidiaries to insure specific kinds of risks. For instance, an insurer might issue commercial auto policies through one subsidiary and workers compensation policies through another. Possibilities includes some brief comments about each insurer group. Additional details are offered by insurers' websites. Rank Insurer Name Direct Premiums Written ($bn ) Comments

  • State Farm 59. 3 Mostly personal lines. Offers some coverages for small businesses. State Farm sells products through captive agents. 
  • Allstate 30. 1 Mostly personal lines. Offers some coverages for small businesses. Allstate's products are distributed via captive agents. 
  • Berkshire Hathaway 29. 9 Owns GEICO and various specialty insurers including Medical Protective Co., National Indemnity, and Berkshire Hathaway Specialty. 
  • Liberty Mutual 29. 8 A global company that offers commercial and private insurance coverages. Includes Golden Eagle, Ohio Casualty, and Safeco. Like a mutual insurer, It‘s owned by policyholders. 
  • Travelers 23. 2 A U. S. company that offers insurance for both businesses and individuals. Owns St. Paul Fire & Marine. 
  • Progressive 21. 3 Personal lines coverages only Nationwide 19. 5 Mostly personal lines. Offers some coverages for small businesses. 
  • Nationwide's products are distributed via captive agents. 
  • Farmers 19. 0 Personal and commercial lines. Farmers sells products through captive agents.
  • AIG 18. 9 Global company that owns a large number of subsidiaries worldwide. A significant provider of commercial insurance, including specialty coverages. Has reduced its size in recent years by selling subsidiaries. 
  • USAA 16. 7 Products available only to current and former members from the U. S. military
  • Zurich 11. 8 Global company based in Switzerland. Offers standard and specialty insurance to businesses. 
  • Hartford 11. 1 U. S. company that offers coverage for businesses and individuals 
  • Chubb Insurance Group 10. 4 A global firm purchased by ACE in 2016. The combined firm is known as Chubb. Offers personal and commercial lines, including many specialty coverages.
  • Chubb Ltd. 10. 1 The parent company of Chubb Insurance Group
  • CNA 9. 6 Global company that offers both standard and specialty coverages for businesses
  • American Family 7. 2 Mostly personal lines. Some business coverages. Sells products through captive agents or straight to buyers.
  • Ameritrust 7. 1 Owns Meadowbrook Insurance, Star Insurance, along with other specialty insurers
  • Tokyo Marine Holdings 6. 1 A global company based in Japan. Owns the Philadelphia Insurance Companies, which offers professional liability along with other commercial coverages.
  • Auto Owners 5. 9 Offers both personal and commercial insurance coverages (not simply auto ) through independent agents inside the Midwest and Southeast
  • Erie Insurance 5. 9 Offers personal and commercial coverages through independent agents in certain midwestern and midatlantic states
  • American Financial 5. 4 Owns Great American Insurance, a provider of specialty property and casualty coverages for example aviation, healthcare and surplus lines 
  • WR Berkley 53 Provides many kinds of specialty coverages through its subsidiaries
  • Assurant 4. 9 Personal lines only 24.
  • QBE 4. 7 Global insurer based in Australia. Offers commercial property and casualty insurance 
  • Cincinnati 4. 4 U. S. company that offers personal and commercial coverages